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Dick’s Autobiography


I was born in Alton, Il. on 25 July 1951, the son of poor sharecroppers (wait a minute, that’s a different story).  I grew up in Montezuma, In., a small town in the west.  I graduated from high school there, went to college for 1 year and then joined the Air Force.  I went to instrument/avionics school for a year.  My first assignment was to Austin, TX. followed by a tour of duty in Southeast Asia (yes, I’m a Vietnam Vet).  I returned to SAC in northern Indiana, where I met Linda, and after we were married took a billet at Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix.  While there I decided 8 years was long enough and separated.  I used my military training to continue in the aerospace field and have been an avionics technician or manager ever since.  I retired on 26 May 2006 and am looking forward to my next life as a gypsy, vagabond, bum, traveler, etc.  Oh yeah, I also do this website.

Linda’s Autobiography


I was born and grew up on a dairy farm near Batesville, In.  I was the second child (first of 2 girls) of six children and yes, I do know how to milk cows, pitch hay and drive tractors. In 1969, I graduated H.S. and went on to Ball State University in Muncie, In. where I earned my bachelors and first masters degrees. During my third year of teaching at Wabash H.S., I met Richard at a Covered Bridge Festival and 5 months later said “I do” and headed towards AZ, not knowing another soul in the state. Yes, you could  say I’m a risk taker.  A year and a half after we moved here, I was fortunate to get a job teaching Home Economics at Apollo H.S. in the Glendale Union H.S. District.  Seven years later, after finishing a second masters degree in Counseling, I became a school counselor at Thunderbird H.S. and that lasted for 21 1/2 years.  I am looking forward to having time to quilt, do fabric art, read and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery around me.

We have created this web site to chronicle our travels throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.  We’ll be taking a lot of pictures of our adventures, our families, and some non-sense encountered along the way.  We hope you’ll stop by often to see what we’re up to.  And don’t forget to drop us a line or send us some pix about what’s going on in your lives.

Here we are in our normal habitat (feeding us is OK!).  That’s me on the right.


Our motorhome is a 2004 40’ Alfa See Ya diesel pusher.  We tow a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  All our pets are stuffed and very well behaved.

In the Beginning - Previously in our lives we had bought property (5 acres) in Aripine, AZ and later built a small cabin on it.  Our friends, Doug & Linda Burke purchased and built on the property right next to ours.  We had decided that this was where we would retire to and it would be our home base for sporadic traveling.  Everything was going as planned until the Rodeo-Chediski fire of June 2002.  Our 5 acres of trees, cabin, motorhome, quads, out-building and everything burned to the ground.  Luckily we had fire insurance and, except for the property value, we came out OK.  The area had changed forever, though.  We decided not to rebuild because it just wasn't the same place - 487,000 acres were burned.  At this time we made our plans to travel fulltime and bought a new motorhome, which we traded 14 months later for the one we have now.  We sold our house in Mesa in 2004 and moved to an apartment in north Phoenix.  About a year and a half later the forest service had cleaned up much of the burnt mess and property values were returning in the burned area.  Linda told me I could sell the property if I could get a certain amount for it (higher than we thought we could get).  It was listed by the same realtor we bought it from and IT SOLD!  During this time my employer, Westwind Aviation, was sold.  We decided the planets were aligned and that it was indeed, time to retire.

Linda & I retired in May of 2006; sold, gave away, or stored all the stuff from our apartment, and on July 10th, 2006 began our adventure.  We've already seen many beautiful sights and met a lot of people.  We've got a long ways to go, though.  Our plan is to visit, which means camp (except for one state), in all 50 states.  We started with a 2 week trip to Hawaii.  Summer of 2008 was our trip to Alaska.

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Current Family—Since moving to Arizona in 1976, most of our family now lives west of the Mississippi River.  My dad & sister live in Indiana (both in Montezuma); Linda’s mom, dad, sister, and brothers (except 1—Wayne, who lives in Kentucky) live in the Batesville area of Indiana.  We have 2 sons—Chris, 33 and Tyler, 30.  Chris lives currently in Pueblo West, Colorado, is married to Robin and has rewarded us with 3 grandkids—Lacee Elizabeth, McKenzee Nichole and Zachary Ryan (the Pfeifer name lives on!).  Tyler lives in Maricopa, Arizona, is married to Jessica and has given us two grandkids—Aiden Paul and our newest granddaughter Carly Ryan.


Pictures of all can be seen on the Family & Friends photo pages.




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